Sports Room/Grounds

  • Sports grounds and Sports Room has facilities for volleyball, Kabadi, Kho, football, Hand ball, Table tennis,Carrom etc. for students, and the for the faculty members as well. Though our school has no Play ground still games and sports are conducted regularly in the existing play ground(not sufficient).
  • Physical exercises (every day),Mass PT and Yoga, Pranayam are conducted turn wise. Special coaching for cluster meet are conducted during the month of August and September.
  • Volley Ball,Kho,Kabadi,Football, Handball & T.T are conducted every day. These games are conducted house wise. Due to lack of good field football ,handball and cricket are not conducted in specific field .Inter house match are conducted every month as per the direction of NVS
  • Local club and schools are invited in special occasions to play friendly matches with our students.